Thursday, July 10, 2008

Penciler for MechTech

Just recently, the MechTechs comic book launched its initial preproduction phase by evaluating artists from Manila Studio that will pave the way for the development of characters to layouts, pencils, colors and Mech-tastic backgrounds.

Following style guides and using the Mech Techs script, announcements and invites were posted for Manila Studio artists to create their own robotic renditions and mechanical imaginations to interpret their own MechTech characters and Mechas to become part of the new publication venture.

The results of the artworks proved to be a tough decision for Creative Director Scott Ownbey.

“Let me say that I originally thought picking artists for MechTechs would be easy. I normally have no reservations making quick decisions when it comes to artistic talent. However I can see some real passion in the submissions and some amazing qualities that each of you guys can bring to the project. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of talent from some artists I wasn't familiar with. I must say, "Thank you!" to everyone that took the time to submit custom pieces. I get more blown away with the talent from Manila Studio everyday." -Scott Ownbey, Creative Director Manila Studio

From among the Manila Studio Artists who made stunning Mech Tech renditions Mannie Abeleda, Benjo Camay, Jonathan Ledesma, Godfrey Escota, Jaime Salangsang, Mara Miranda, Alex Aguilar, Rosame Gregorio, Andrew Santos, Jerald Dorado, Alethia Rio, who were all equally good, Ownbey finally chose Andrew Santos to do the main characters and Mechas development. His anime slant and sensibility for Mecha designs are outstanding, says Ownbey. On the other hand, Godfrey Escota was tasked to establish the evil characters and Mikhail Garcia will do the layouts & backgrounds.

Submissions for colors are still yet to be judged by Ownbey. This is another tough decision to be concluded. Watch out for more updates.

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