Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's been days since Scott and I communicated and I'm going crazy now. Getting really panicky I should say. How many days do we have left?! Oh my! I've got a lot of pending sketches and pencils for his approval, but I don't think he received my emails about them. He was too busy with the Comic-Con 2008 event, I guess. Now, I'm crossing my fingers for his call.

Andrew is done with all of his character sketches and everything's up for approval. Mikhail did his Jeter and Russ face studies because Scott asked him to revise the face to look more goofy for Jeter and add more character to Russ' face. So we're left hanging on that. However, I thought of a great idea to help him out. I posted it on the Deviant Art site and asked for comments from our viewers there. And I'm excited about the outcome. So for our viewers here, please do visit our DA site: and leave your comments. Help us create these two characters, pleeeeeeease!


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