Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interview with IAS & Mechtechs Head Colorist

I knew that Mark Anthony Taduran would be chosen as the lead colorist for Mechtechs. Not that the other colorists are not good. They're actually all great, that's why Scott had a hard time choosing, but Mark knows how to play with colors really well and he's good at knowing exactly how Scott wants the colors to look. My prediction was accurate and Mark was chosen with just one submission of artwork.

I recently had the opportunity to pull Mark away from his work and have him answer a few quick questions.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: My family calls me Boboy or Anthony. In Singapore they call me Marko or Markovah. To my college friends, I am known as Em. I can be your most loyal friend but then, can be your greatest enemy. I'm super moody, almost bipolar.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from Iriga City (Philippines) where the Filipino Superstar "Nora Aunor" was born. I am Bicolano, but I don't like "Bicol express" too much.

Q: Were you always an artist? Who or what inspired you to be an artist?
A: I started drawing when I was about three years old. My uncle, who was a carpenter and a painter, taught me how to draw a bird. My mother taught me how to draw a woman. I was really inspired by animated cartoons like Rainbow Brite and Thundercats. I copied and drew them. Then, my bestfriend who is also an artist, influenced me to collect comics both local and international in my grade school days. Most of my inspirations are comic artists like J.D. Sto. Domingo, Michael Turner, Joe Madureira and Carlo Vergara among others.

Q: What are your favorite subjects to draw?
A: The Human Figure.

Q: As an artist, what other forms of expression do you indulge in? Who influenced you the most as an artist?
A: I usually draw and color comics, although I used to do graphic design for posters, print ads and other advertising collaterals. My greatest influences are Michael Turner and Joe Mad. Or I should say, they are my idols.

Q: If you were a superhero, what superpowers would you have? Why?
A: I want to have Telekinesis and Telepathy just like Jean Grey in X-men, because I love her.

Q: Who are your favorite characters in Mechtechs?
A: Holly and Hopper

Q: What Mecha would you create if your were RJ? Describe it.
A: I create a mecha with an armor or a battle suit that transforms into a jet. It would be slim and agile and it would move like an "Evangelion" robot. It must be dominantly glossy white like a Mac cover with glossy, ebony black parts. It must have an off-proportioned gigantic right arm that releases torpedos or lasers. It should somehow be recognizable as a female mecha.

Q: What art style do you use the most aside from the style you use at work?
A: I use the comic style in drawing and the painted anime style in coloring.

Keep checking back to see more of Mark's work as the MechTechs series is further developed. As Scott said: "Have Mark leave his mark!"


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