Monday, July 14, 2008

ABOUT ANDREW SANTOS by Melody C. de Jesus

Andrew Santos was chosen by Creative Director, Scott Ownbey to develop the character designs for the MechTechs series. Santos submitted his favorite character, Holly, and his favorite subject, Mecha. This paved the way for Ownbey to be totally impressed by his artistry. After years of planning for the MechTechs series, the original idea of a grungy, dirty, hard-edged look was altered after Andrew submitted his drawings, transitioning from an image superhero comic to an anime movie slant.

“I like Andrew’s anime-type sensibility,” said Ownbey of Santo's drawings.

Santos is currently an artist of Interactive Art Services. He was born and raised in Bagiuo City, Philippines.

When asked about his favorite subjects, Andrew says: “While my favorite subjects are women, I’m definitely at my best with Mecha. Structures and figures of mechanical workings fascinate me. Guns are my favorite subjects too. And people say that I’m good at drawing motorbikes. Aside from drawing, I also dabble in photography and writing. My biggest influence as an artist has always been my older brother, who is now into poetry and writing.”

Get to know more about Santos. Watch his video interview... coming soon!

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