Thursday, July 17, 2008

The daily activities in the MechTechs studio

July 17, 2008, THURSDAY – 120 Days left
10:30PM (Manila Time)/10:30AM (Florida Time)
What a tiring day. I just arrived from the painting exhibit of one of our artists, Alex Aguilar. I was needed there to support him and take pictures for our Agency Art & Animation blog. Anyway, yesterday I got a message from Scott to inform Andrew to do tight pencils on his drawing of Jeter. Mikhail should do tight pencils on the mecha head for our teaser. Hmmmmmm..I hope I can get hold of Mikhail this time.

11:15PM (Manila Time)/11:15AM (Florida Time)
Finally, Mikhail answered my call. I told him to finish his tight pencils before I leave the office so I can show Scott his work for approval. Meanwhile, Andrew is drawing his Jeter. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long for the two artists to finish their drawings.

3AM(Manila Time)/3PM(Florida Time)
Andrew just finished drawing Jeter. I took a video of him while he was drawing some of it. I'll show it to you as soon as I can upload it.

4:30AM (Manila Time)/4:30PM (Florida Time)
Arrrgghhh, Mikhail's nowhere to be found again. I can't wait for him anymore. Andrew is already done with a second character. I'll post some videos soon. Great pencils on both characters! But I have to leave now. Again, I've been in the office for 12 hours. Sooooo tired.

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