Monday, July 21, 2008

Character sketches for R.J., Russ and Jeter

Andrew provided four sketches of a Mecha head for the teaser and Scott was able to choose one already. See Mikhail’s tighter version which was already approved. Yay! One down.

We finally have sketches of the three characters for our teaser. The three character sketches that Andrew drew of RJ, Russ and Jeter were approved, while the tighter versions Mikhail did still need revisions. And with a tight deadline, I'm going crazy because Mikhail wasn't able to report for work today.

I might have to extend my deadlines for the rest of the characters since we still have nine characters to go and Andrew is having his mood swings. Haaaaah! Working with artists is really making me nuts! But I still have to keep myself sane and keep my fingers crossed that we meet our deadline.

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