Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My MechTechs Diary - 7.15.08

Let me introduce myself. I am Melody de Jesus, Project Manager for MechTechs. I currently work at Interactive Art Services' Manila Studio as Special Projects Manager/Admin Assistant. I'm into photography as well. It is actually my greatest passion. However, being in this project is exciting for me. It is indeed a challenge. My goal for MechTechs is to finish it on time or before the deadline, to make things organized and systematic for the team and to motivate the artists to create excellent artwork - even during stressful times.

July 15, 2008, TUESDAY – 122 Days left
2PM (Manila Time)/ 2AM (Florida Time)
It’s a brand new day today. I got in the office 30 minutes ago. I’m quite sleepy ‘coz I’ve been having sleepless nights due to this project, MechTechs. It seems that before I sleep, during my sleep and when I’m awake, MechTechs is on my mind. I even have dreams about it!!!
Well, last night I had an IM conversation with the big boss, Scott Ownbey. He was following up Mikhail’s sketches…arrrrrrgh! Mikhail’s so hard to reach. I kept on IM-ing, calling and texting him, but he seems so busy with the project. The last time I talked to him, which was the other day, he was working on the two characters that Andrew initially sketched. We have a timetable ‘coz I wanted everything to be systematic and organized, but most of the time there are additional jobs to do (like this blog, videos of the artists, teasers, etc.). Oh well, at least they are brilliant ideas worth working on. Wait! I need to do the video in awhile.

8PM (Manila Time)/8AM (Florida Time)
Wow! So much stress from this hectic day. I transferred my stuff to another office room. I’d just finished cleaning up and setting up my table, computer and all my files, when I received an IM from Scott, again following up on Mikhail’s work and our videos. Now, I have a text from Mikhail that he is having quite a hard time penciling the characters based on Andrew’s sketches. There are some changes in style and it’s quite difficult for him - especially with the tight deadlines. I can feel just how stressed he is. Poor guy! I also checked on Godfrey (who’s doing the villains) and he’s going crazy already thinking of a really great concept. We just took that video, but unfortunately the battery died on us. And what is worse, we don’t have a charger. Godfrey keeps crushing and throwing his paper because he is not satisfied with his artwork.

11PM (Manila Time)/11AM (Florida Time)
Whew! An hour way past my time off. Andrew arrived an hour earlier than his scheduled time and he’s doing the turn-around of RJ already. Anyway, I had a meeting with Pedro, the one in charge of the marketing for Mechtechs. Scott called an hour ago and checked on our progress. Mikhail hasn’t given me anything yet. Scott is getting worried already that we won’t meet our deadlines. But, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. However, I’m getting crazy also uploading stuff to our site for approval because the IT people are upgrading our site. And now Scott’s following up on what has been done. Aaaaaaahhhh!!!

12:53AM (Manila Time)/12:53PM (Florida Time)
Gosh! Finally! The videos and the other characters for approval have been uploaded. But I’m getting kind of stressed out because it’s overtime again and I’m so tired. I have been in the office for 12 hours already, and I still have to wait for Mikhail to finish his characters. I already texted him and hopefully he’ll be done soon.

1:34AM (Manila Time)/1:11PM (Florida Time)
Mikhail texted me that he’s kind of pressured knowing that I’m waiting for him too, so he will be the one to send his sketch to Scott. Good for me, I can go home now and get some sleep.

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