Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Godfrey Escota - The Villain Penciler

GODFREY ESCOTA, 26 years old

Godfrey is one of the artists who submitted designs for MechTechs. Scott was definitely impressed with his work and he has been chosen to draw the villains for Mechtechs.

Let me introduce you to Godfrey.

He is currently one of the team leaders in the penciler department of Interactive Art Services' Manila studio. He is one very talented guy. Aside from drawing, he does digital painting and sculpting too. He is called the studio clown because there is never a dull moment with this guy - unless he is hungry - because he can sing and dance very well.

Godfrey is a Manila boy, born and raised. His love of drawing people is derived from his enjoyment of comics at an early age. In college he took up architecture to combine his love for drawing with a possible career. As he became more involved in architecture, he was able to keep his love of drawing people alive by creating little comic strips. However, he had to stop doodling and concentrate on his studies to finish his courses.

When asked what supernatural powers he'd choose, Godfrey happily commented that he'd like the power to stop time. He would use this superpower much like Nakamura of the TV show "Heroes." While Godfrey appreciates the tangible results of long hours spent perfecting a work of art, he also finds books on the human mind especially interesting.

Godfrey has been inspired by comic book artists Travis Charest, Jim Lee and Frank Cho. Their work led him to develop his own clean lines and dynamic drawing style. Additionally, Todd McFarlane’s fun, quirky artistry and keen business sense has given Godfrey the desire to open his own business one day.

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