Sunday, July 6, 2008

About MechTechs

After years of producing top-quality, story-based artwork for leading ad agencies, Interactive Art Services (IAS) and its sister companies have teamed up with renowned comic writer Gordon Rennie to produce MechTechs, the company’s first venture into the world of comic publishing.

MechTechs is the product of a synergistic effort combining Rennie’s writing talent and IAS CEO Scott Ownbey’s conceptualization with the illustrative efforts of the story-driven artists of IAS and its sister companies, Storyboards Online, Animatic Media, Manila Studio and ShanghaiPOP.

The first issue of the four-issue mini-series will be released in November.

MechTechs is set in a mecha garage run by a dysfunctional cast of characters, a microcosm of a much larger mecha universe. The comedic dysfunction in the garage serves as the primary focus in the first issue of MechTechs, while outside of the garage there is perpetual fighting in mecha-fought tournaments.

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artistmonk said...

Hey hey hey!!! Looking good! :D