Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Making of R.J.

He is a big Harley type, part human, part alien guy, although, he is more human than alien. He is the Molton Mecha shop’s frontman. He spends most of his time trying to get his staff to stop goofing around and actually do some work and lamenting on the almost lost art of classic echa construction.

A design was submitted by Godfrey during his tryout and this became part of the model for drawing R.J. According to Scott, the body proportion was great and the outfit looked good. It was then sketched in blue lines by Andrew following Godfrey's drawing of Godfrey of the body proportions. However, the face was changed to match the one Scott submitted. After the blue lines were finished, Scott immediately approved Andrew’s design and it was then turned over to Mikhail for tight penciling. Soon, it was done, but the arm of R.J. needed to be revised because Mikhail mistakenly drew it with mechanical arms. With two revisions in mind (the arm and the wrench needed to be bigger), the final pencils were completed.
After the last revision was approved, R.J. was sent to Mark Taduran for coloring. Since R.J. is part alien, we thought he should have different colors for his skin tone. The color of his skin tone needed to be appropriate for his character - no green because he might look like the Hulk and definitely no purple because he might end up looking like Barney! We tried red, but Scott didn’t approve of it. Instead, it was changed to a bluish-gray.

The final R.J. was introduced at the San Diego Comic-Con 2008! You will see more of R.J. as Andrew sketches his different facial expressions and pose guides.

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