Sunday, July 27, 2008

MechTechs teaser artwork

Tease me...tease me...tease me...or tease you, I should say. That's what we did at the San Diego Comic-Con 2008. Our Creative Director, Scott Ownbey, handed out 20,000 teaser postcards to comic, anime and manga fans. We took advantage of this event to introduce Mechtechs to the crowd and get the fans excited about seeing the final comic which will be launched (hopefully) in November 2008.

The main goal was to introduce the mecha and some of the characters. After the mecha head was penciled and approved, Mark T. was asked to do his magic. Mark decided to make the mecha look different from than usual and picked very out-of-the ordinary colors.

"I want the mecha to look more fresh and "manga" in color. It should not be the usual white, blue and red. I thought of golden yellow accentuated by purple and hot pink. I had been experimenting and that, for me, was the best tri-color combo - a bit playful, not too serious combination. I also took into consideration the outfits of the characters. They should both compliment and contrast the color of the mecha," said Mark Taduran, the head colorist of for the MechTechs project.

And so it was approved with Scott commenting that it was an interesting color choice for the mecha head.

We can't wait to show our fans more interesting colors for the rest of the mechas and characters. Keep checking it to see more updates and don't forget to join the MechTechs groups on Facebook and Myspace as well!

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