Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Virtual World Conference

Check out the private beta version of our MechTechs virtual world (still in development) that we showed at the Virtual World Conference:

The MechTechs virtual world is a pet project of Scott Ownbey. It is a flash animation that combines a social network and a virtual world. Once you log in, you can choose your own avatar and use the arrow keys to navigate you around Planet Cleveland. Here, you will feel the atmosphere of being in another world. You can enjoy walking, moving around and even flying while chatting with other Mechtechs fans.

Planet Cleveland is a rotting, junkyard at the ass-end of the galaxy. Cleveland used to be the industrial powerhouse of the galactic economy; producing star liners, battle cruisers and gleaming armies of giant Mecha-warriors that were the envy of every other civilized race in the universe. That was long time ago. Since then, planet-wide warfare, a few galactic financial recessions and corporate downsizing and outsourcing to the new, cheaper labor markets of the Galactic Rim economies has reduced the planet to a decayed and forgotten backwater, covered in continent-sized scrapyards and long ago-abandoned assembly lines, and inhabited mainly by roving bands of outlaws, mutants and scavengers.

Despite all this, though, people still come to Cleveland, home of the intergalactic's famous custom-mecha fabrication shop, Molton Mecha. With a starting price of 23 billion dollars, you can blow up a planet in style and still have enough Utonium to transport 45 tons of the most advanced weaponry across the known solar universe.

We need your support. I'll keep updating you with new stuff on our virtual world.

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