Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Owner of Molten Mecha

Hopper is the owner of Molten Mecha. He is an old mecha military jarhead from way back. He had so many pieces of himself shot off and replaced with metal bionics that he resembles one of his own mechas. As a military mecha-pilot, Hopper wired his brain directly into the mecha's computer systems, so that he and the machine would operate together as one. As a result, he suffers psychotic flashbacks from time to time. His employees prefer him to stay away from the shop - especially when he's having one of his flashbacks and possesses sort of some heavy machinery.

Godfrey made a design and submitted it to Scott. Scott liked it but wanted a few revisions made.

Scott's comment was:

"I think we have too much emphasis on his mechanical parts. We can see portions of a mechanical arm but it needs to be proportioned with the normal human anatomy. Let's make maybe a cable going into a band around his leg to suggest it is mechanical."

So revisions were made until the final version was drawn by Mikhail and colored by Mark. And so finally it was approved. Meet Hopper, the owner of Molten Mecha.

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