Sunday, September 7, 2008

Genghis: Molton Mecha's Pet

Genghis is the shop pet and guard dog. He is one of Jeter's robot creations. Unfortunately, Jeter didn't tell anyone that he cannibalized most of the parts from some military surplus stuff that was lying around the shop to build Genghis and that the pet dog's core AI programming comes from the guidance systems of a planetbuster mega-bomb. Genghis' limiter controls work most of the time. When they don't, he wants to kill everything and anything, except Holly, who he'd rather fond of.

Genghis was first made by Godfrey when he submitted sample of his artwork way back a year ago or so. "It was almost there", Scott said. "However, it looks much like its from the Jetsons. So Andrew made his version of Genghis but Scott asked him to do some changes that will resemble the first one. So Andrew revised it and came up with better Genghis which was then approved by Scott with just a revision to add some teeth and some wiring connected to his legs. As soon as it was done, Mark colored it. And so here's our pet Genghis.