Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2nd Day of the Month

How many days left? Argh! It's all pressure for us now..since we only have 2 months to rush things out! Of course we wouldn't want to sacrifice the quality of our project.

It's been quite hectic the past few days due to storyboards projects, however, the guys still fit Mechtechs on the agenda. Godfrey is done with another revision of the villain for the teaser. Andrew is doing sketches of Da Monet as Scott wasn't really satisfied with his Da Monet. He's definitely having a hard time with that character. I think it is more of the fashion statement of Da Monet where Andrew is having difficulty getting the concept. Well, aside from Da Monet, Andrew is tasked on sketching a motorcycle for the layout and a Mecha for the teaser. Mikhail started to sketch our teaser for upcoming events. I've posted a rough, unfinished sketch to get you excited for the final drawing.

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