Monday, August 4, 2008

The Only Woman of Molton Mecha

Holly, the only woman in the Molten Mecha crew, is a trainee mechanic. R.J. doesn't approve of her. Not because she's a woman or because she's young and attractive. Not because she's a slacker, but because, as everyone knows, humans just don't have what it takes to make good Mechtechs. She's determined to prove him wrong.

Holly's character description, according to Scott, is hot and sexy. She has a funky, short hairstyle. The first thought for her hair color was blonde with pink highlights, but lime green was more unique and better for her character according to colorist, Mark T. In addition to the funky hair color, she has piercings and tattoos.

With this in mind, Andrew sketched his version of Holly and it was approved by Scott. Scott loved how Andrew drew Holly's face because it was very true to the anime-style. Minor revisions were needed to change her outfit, giving her daisy duke, low rider shorts that slightly reveal the sexy thong she's wearing underneath. Andrew sketched a second Holly carrying a big metal piece of equipment, however, he was not satisfied with this choice and decided to make another version with her carrying a big multi-purpose gun.

The colors were basically Mark's idea of how he visualizes Holly.
"I sent a reference to Scott and he liked the hair color of the character, so I decided to make her hair green. It's more funky and manga-ish. I chose orange and green because they're a perfect combo..fresh and funky..yet girly...the neutral colors of her other accessories also contrast these colors."
-MARK TADURAN, Head Colorist-Mechtechs

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