Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lotsa Revisions

Today I got a lot of instructions from our Creative Director, Scott Ownbey. And a big "OPPPSSS" on Russ; unfortunately Andrew needs to revise his face to look like the old face we used for the Comic-Con 2008 postcard. Andrew needs to add some techie stuff also so that he won't look too "ordinary". I'll soon post the final Russ. Aside from Russ, Andrew is finishing some elements for another character, Treble, and doing a very minor revision on the cute pet dog, Genghis. Watch out for those characters especially Genghis. He's actually my favorite aside from Jeter & Holly. The above sketch is a teaser of our pet.
On the other hand, layouts were also started by Mikhail but revisions are being done now for four layouts. Hopefully it's done by tonight so we can move on to more layouts. We're really behind on our time line. More updates coming soon.
For those who have a Deviant Art account, check us out at http://mechtechs.deviantart.com/ I would appreciate your comments on our characters.

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