Monday, August 11, 2008

The Making of the Crazed Designer

Jeter has finally been created. After several revisions from the facial features to the colors, Jeter has been approved for release.

Jeter is the crazed Mecha designer and engineer of Molton Mecha shop. He likes to pack customers' Mechas with a few spur-of-the-moment and highly experimental 'extras' - ejector seats, self-destruct buttons, anti-matter powered transmission systems, rocket-powered jump packs, etc. - usually without remembering to tell the customers about it. He's a genius, although possibly an unintentionally homicidal one. He dreams of being the one to build the ultimate Mecha, and has been scribbling designs for years. Requires close supervision by RJ, to prevent him killing off their customer base.

Godfrey's submission was too comical but the idea was there. Andrew's sketch of Jeter was almost there from the very beginning. However, Scott needed to see some tweaks on his features. It became a rush assignment for Andrew because Jeter was to be used for the Comic Con teaser. A different Jeter was used for the postcards but minor improvements were made. And so Andrew created a new face for Jeter which was revised twice and finally approved. The colors also were revised and the approved one was colored with light earth tones, more of khaki and brown. The approved colors was done by Mok Vivas, the other colorist for Mechtechs.

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