Sunday, October 5, 2008

Upcoming Events

Busy..busy...busy...Mikhail have finalized all his layouts, however, Scott is still busy with his Virtual World. Hopefully, we can fully introduce a trial version of this interactive chat world and Mechtechs gaming at the upcoming Komikon event on November.

I made new designs for standees to be placed at the internet shops so that we will be able to attract more fans and viewers. Each standee is conceptualized to introduce each character. These will also be used during the upcoming events. We have planned to giveaway stickers and flyers as well to promote our projects.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Complete Layouts

Finally, we are done with all the layouts...23 pages to be exact. Mikhail did it. We are just waiting for Scott's approval. It's been a hectic week for us preparing for the prelude to the Animahenasyon 2008 event held in Eastwood, Manila. IAS was one of the sponsors so we had the opportunity to promote Mechtechs. We gave away t-shirts and flyers. The photos above were taken during the event.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Owner of Molten Mecha

Hopper is the owner of Molten Mecha. He is an old mecha military jarhead from way back. He had so many pieces of himself shot off and replaced with metal bionics that he resembles one of his own mechas. As a military mecha-pilot, Hopper wired his brain directly into the mecha's computer systems, so that he and the machine would operate together as one. As a result, he suffers psychotic flashbacks from time to time. His employees prefer him to stay away from the shop - especially when he's having one of his flashbacks and possesses sort of some heavy machinery.

Godfrey made a design and submitted it to Scott. Scott liked it but wanted a few revisions made.

Scott's comment was:

"I think we have too much emphasis on his mechanical parts. We can see portions of a mechanical arm but it needs to be proportioned with the normal human anatomy. Let's make maybe a cable going into a band around his leg to suggest it is mechanical."

So revisions were made until the final version was drawn by Mikhail and colored by Mark. And so finally it was approved. Meet Hopper, the owner of Molten Mecha.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mechtechs joins Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. Convention

Mechtechs will get its first introduction in the Philippines on November 12-16, 2008 at the Animation Council of the Pihlippines, Inc.'s 2nd Animahenasyon 2008 Pinoy Animation Festival. This event is a showcase of unique, Filipino-made animation.

As a Mechtechs promotion, we will be handing out Mechtechs flyers that I created due to rush requirements and the artists' heavy workload. I decided to use Holly as focus character since she is the fans' favorite character and we have a lot of male viewers (you know what I, alluring Holly will be a good attraction). We will also be giving away t-shirts as a joint promotion with the ACP, Inc.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Colored Characters!

Finally, I got a hold of the busy man, Scott. It's his birthday today, BTW! (Sorry for broadcasting it, Scott!) So, I took the chance to greet and disturb him. He's been busy with other major projects, so it took a long time to get approvals. But, finally, I squeezed in to get the new colored characters checked. As promised, here is Treble in color. And here's the revised Russ, although there's an additional revision to change his shoes to something more hi-tech or not-too-ordinary shoes.

Meanwhile, Mikhail is continuing all his pages and Scott wants him to finish everything before he looks at it for revisions or approvals. It's a long process, but we are getting there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Virtual World Conference

Check out the private beta version of our MechTechs virtual world (still in development) that we showed at the Virtual World Conference:

The MechTechs virtual world is a pet project of Scott Ownbey. It is a flash animation that combines a social network and a virtual world. Once you log in, you can choose your own avatar and use the arrow keys to navigate you around Planet Cleveland. Here, you will feel the atmosphere of being in another world. You can enjoy walking, moving around and even flying while chatting with other Mechtechs fans.

Planet Cleveland is a rotting, junkyard at the ass-end of the galaxy. Cleveland used to be the industrial powerhouse of the galactic economy; producing star liners, battle cruisers and gleaming armies of giant Mecha-warriors that were the envy of every other civilized race in the universe. That was long time ago. Since then, planet-wide warfare, a few galactic financial recessions and corporate downsizing and outsourcing to the new, cheaper labor markets of the Galactic Rim economies has reduced the planet to a decayed and forgotten backwater, covered in continent-sized scrapyards and long ago-abandoned assembly lines, and inhabited mainly by roving bands of outlaws, mutants and scavengers.

Despite all this, though, people still come to Cleveland, home of the intergalactic's famous custom-mecha fabrication shop, Molton Mecha. With a starting price of 23 billion dollars, you can blow up a planet in style and still have enough Utonium to transport 45 tons of the most advanced weaponry across the known solar universe.

We need your support. I'll keep updating you with new stuff on our virtual world.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Genghis: Molton Mecha's Pet

Genghis is the shop pet and guard dog. He is one of Jeter's robot creations. Unfortunately, Jeter didn't tell anyone that he cannibalized most of the parts from some military surplus stuff that was lying around the shop to build Genghis and that the pet dog's core AI programming comes from the guidance systems of a planetbuster mega-bomb. Genghis' limiter controls work most of the time. When they don't, he wants to kill everything and anything, except Holly, who he'd rather fond of.

Genghis was first made by Godfrey when he submitted sample of his artwork way back a year ago or so. "It was almost there", Scott said. "However, it looks much like its from the Jetsons. So Andrew made his version of Genghis but Scott asked him to do some changes that will resemble the first one. So Andrew revised it and came up with better Genghis which was then approved by Scott with just a revision to add some teeth and some wiring connected to his legs. As soon as it was done, Mark colored it. And so here's our pet Genghis.